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The West Edge

Cheyenne’s West Edge is where Western heritage and leading-edge progress unite. Combining elements of the city’s rail-enabled industrial history with the shiny and new development in the area, the West Edge district has a unique and interesting persona. A persona that’s poised to create a welcoming and inclusive community focused on life, art, music, entertainment, and food.

The West Edge persona celebrates its industrial past and its visible ties to the railroad. It’s proud of the extensive and well-worn brick inventory it holds — and excited about the progressive repurposing possibilities that inventory holds. The West Edge persona is hip, but not arrogant. It’s artsy, but not exclusionary. It’s inviting, engaging, creative, and cool.

The West Edge


The Lower Capitol Drainage Basin and Cheyenne’s Historic West Edge District is flexible, but encompass approximately 30+ square blocks to the west of Downtown Cheyenne. Bordered to the south by the Union Pacific railroad tracks, the broader emphasis area extends westward from Central Avenue toward I-25.



Motivate private investment, leveraging public improvements


Flood Control
Manage stormwater to prevent flooding and property damage


Mitigate real or perceived concerns which inhibit investment for reuse of property

Public Spaces

Create meaningful public places that attract people

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The City of Cheyenne along with its Coalition partners received a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfield Area-Wide Planning Grant to prepare a neighborhood revitalization plan for the West Edge District.

Cheyenne’s West Edge Area-Wide Plan studies the strategic redevelopment of underutilized and potentially contaminated land. The aim of this Plan is to collaborate with stakeholders, identify priority projects, establish guidelines, and develop remediation strategies that can spur activity and encourage long-term redevelopment and investments that have the ability to create employment opportunities.

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